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His Kind of Cowgirl has all the heart and charm that you would expect from a Karen Rock novel.

When Claire returns to her childhood ranch with her son in tow after her husband is killed in action the last thing she wanted was to run into her old flame, Tanner, much less work side by side with him, but when her father wants to save the family home and enlists Tanner’s help Claire has no choice. Determined to make a good life herself and her son Claire is dead set to not to let the charming cowboy back into her life.

I absolutely loved this book! I loved Claire and her feistiness! She wasn’t the typical shrinking violet romance novel heroine that we read so much about, she had a temper and I loved it. I loved seeing her get riled up over Tanner. She was not afraid to show how she felt, except for telling Tanner that she still loved him. Rock did a great job at showing Claire’s temper and demonstrating how we all feel at times, especially when life throws us curve balls. Claire’s relationship with her father was so sweet and realistic. And I would love for a grown up Jonathan to get this own book someday.

I loved Tanner and all his sexy, cowboy self. He was strong, and tough and the heroine was his greatest weakness. Rock really did her research involving the rodeo lifestyle and all the details involving what it takes to be a rodeo star. The profession is not a safe one and she definitely showed us just how unsafe those huge animals can be.

The love story was realistic but still had that fairy tale element we love about romance novels. It was quickly paced, the characters were well fleshed out, and it made me laugh and cry, and say “Awww”, which is what a good romance novel should do.

I highly recommend this sweet romance to anyone who loves a great story, a feisty unconventional heroine and a Texas cowboy to boot(pun intended).




Everything happened at once and in slow motion.

A crushing jolt shuddered through the truck. Her wheels skidded sideways. She smacked against the window when her pickup rolled down an embankment, as if punched by something large and lethal. Glass rained deadly sharp. The earth tumbled around her, her truck in spin cycle. When a massive tree loomed, the Chevy slammed into it then stilled.

Winded and stunned, she hung upside-down in her lap belt, blood, metallic and warm, on her tongue, a rushing sound whistling in her ears. Her heartbeat changed and grew slow and rolling in darkness. Something hurt, a long way away. Then nothing.

“Ma’am. Ma’am. Are you all right?” A man’s voice shouted, rousing her. She tried turning her head but pain held it in place. When she opened her mouth, silent panic flew out.

“Hold on. I’m getting you out of there.”

Acrid smoke pierced her consciousness. She closed her eyes against the billowing grit.

This wasn’t happening. It was a dream. No. A nightmare.

A tugging motion jerked her right and left, followed by a ripping sound. Large hands halted her sudden fall.

“Got you.”

Her rescuer cradled her against his chest, his breaths heaving beneath her ear. After carrying her some distance, he lowered her slowly to the ground. Grass scraped against her stinging cheeks and she opened her eyes.

“What?” she croaked, then swiped at the trickle leaking from her mouth. A man wearing a cowboy hat hunched over her, his features blurred.

“You’ve been in an accident. We have. Our trucks collided in the intersection.”

“My truck!” She bolted upright and clutched the swirling ground.

An arm snaked around her back and eased her down. “I called the dispatcher. The fire department’s on the way.”

A wail sounded in the distance and Claire wanted to shriek with it.

Her special day. Her anniversary. Ruined. No. Demolished by this…this…

She squinted upward and focused. A dark swirl of hair brushed across the tall man’s forehead; a light scar zigzagged down his square jaw. Recognition zapped through her.

It couldn’t be…


“Hello, Claire.” His mouth went up, just a fraction—the same ready-for-anything smile that had once undone her.

She closed her eyes, heart thudding. Ten years since she’d vowed never to see him again…and now here he stood, two for two in wrecking her life.

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Karen Rock

Karen Rock is an award-winning YA and adult contemporary romance author. She holds a master’s degree in English and was an ELA instructor before becoming a full-time writer. Currently she writes for Harlequin Blaze and Harlequin Heartwarming. Her novel, A LEAGUE OF HER OWN, won the 2015 National Excellence in Romance Fiction award in contemporary romance series and the 2015 Bookseller’s Best award for contemporary romance, long.

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…Rescue Me by Catherine Mann

Rescue Me banner
This is my stop during the book blitz for Rescue Me by Catherine Mann. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 2 till 8 February, you can view the complete blitz schedule on the website of Lola’s Blog Tours.
So far this series contains 2 books: Shelter Me (Second Chance Ranch #1) and Rescue Me (Second Chance Ranch #2)

Rescue MeRescue Me (Second Chance Ranch #2)
By Catherine Mann
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Adult
Release Date: February 3, 2015

A rescued dog returns the favor in the latest Second Chance Romance from USA Today bestselling author of Shelter Me.

Detective AJ Parker left undercover work in Atlanta to join a small-town Tennessee police force, hoping for an easier workload and the solitude of his cabin. But the scars left by AJ’s previous work are more difficult to escape than he thought…

Mary Hannah Gallo works with the Second Chance Ranch Animal Rescue to train therapy dogs for traumatized patients. It isn’t easy, but her life is under control—until she meets the broodingly sensual AJ, who rattles her composure all the way to her toes.

After an assignment confiscating dogs from a backyard breeder reveals a dangerous drug operation, AJ must work with sexy perfectionist Mary Hannah to train an abused rescue dog—a dog now named Holly. While Holly proves to these two very different people that opposites can, in fact, attract, she also knows more than a few explosive secrets that could heal—or divide—the entire town.

You can find Rescue Me on Goodreads

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First book in the series:
Shelter MeShelter Me (Second Chance Ranch #1)
By Catherine Mann
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Adult
Release Date: August 5, 2014

Nestled in the sunny fields of Tennessee lies the McDaniel family’s Second Chance Ranch Animal Rescue. Two new arrivals are on their way, but only one is the four-legged kind.

Staff Sergeant Mike Kowalski wants only one thing after he gets home from Iraq: to sleep in a king-sized bed with clean sheets. But first, he has to hand off his fallen commander’s dog, Trooper, to his family without handing off his heart to Sierra…

Sierra McDaniel needs a break. Her family life is crazy, and when she’s not mucking out kennels, she’s slogging through grad school. Sierra certainly doesn’t want another dog, especially one that reminds her of her father. And she definitely doesn’t want to see Mike with that charming smile of his…

But Trooper has a mission of his own. Before too long Mike is moving to the ranch to lend a hand—and hoping for his own second chance with Sierra.

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Catherine MannAbout the Author:
USA Today bestseller Catherine Mann and RITA Award winner, Catherine writes contemporary romance for Berkley, Harlequin, Sourcebooks and Tule. With over sixty books in released in more than twenty countries, she has also celebrated six RITA finals, an RT Reviewer’s Award finalist, three Maggie Award of Excellence finals and a Bookseller’s Best win.
A former theater school director and university instructor, she holds a Master’s degree in Theater from UNC-Greensboro and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts: Theater (with minors in both English and Education) from the College of Charleston.
Catherine and her flyboy husband live on the Florida coast where they brought up their 4 children – and still have 5 four-legged, furry “children” (aka pets). Catherine is an active volunteer with her local Humane Society, serving on their Board of Directors, fostering over 200 puppies, ill dogs, and dogs with service/working potential. She recently checked off a major item on her “bucket list” by completing her Florida State Animal Rescue Coalition and starting her own rescue with three friends – The Sunshine State Animal Rescue. Catherine enjoys hearing from her readers and can be found online daily. To receive an autographed bookmark, send a SASE to: P.O. Box 6065, Navarre, FL 32566

You can find and contact Catherine here:

Catherine Mann has begun an animal rescue of her own with three friends – Sunshine State Animal Rescue in the Florida Panhandle. Here’s their facebook page if you want more info.
They rescue from high kill shelters and do traditional adoptions as well as help identify potential service dogs and search and rescue dogs at shelters.

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The most surprising thing about this book was that some of the scenes were in the dog’s point of view. I had never read a romance novel like that before. You might think, “How is it a romance novel if it’s in a dog’s point of view?” Because the dog, Holly, is looking for love, too, because she was abused. And isn’t that a romance novel is all about: two people coming together  after being abused in some way to find love? Mann reinvents the definition of a romance novel. In years past it’s always been about the stunningly beautiful woman meeting and falling in love with equally sexy man. Don’t get me wrong, Cathy’s hero is smoking hot, but he is flawed, some would say massively. And the heroine, Mary Hannah, has made choices in her past that wouldn’t make her the “typical” romance novel heroine. And that’s what I loved, you could relate to both of them. You could feel their pain through Mann’s descriptions and storytelling. She’s always had a knack for making the characters so easy to relate to and the ones in Rescue Me is no exception.

I really loved getting to know these characters. Mary Hannah was so easy to like and sympathize with. She was having an impossible time forgiving herself for her past. There is always something in everyone’s past that they regret and constantly struggle with.  A.J. was the same way, struggling about poor choices in his past that affected others. They both struggled with doubt and the insecurities of not wanting to fail anyone, while not thinking that they might be failing themselves by not giving into their feelings and allowing themselves happiness.

I will say that within the first page I had tears in my eyes. I knew this book would be memorable and would stick with me for a while. I want to tell anyone who loves “damaged” characters and adorable animals to read this book. It was an easy read, but I don’t mean that in a negative sense. Mann’s storytelling was easy to follow and I love how she peppered information about fostering animals and caring for animals throughout the romance. I was learning new things without realizing it.  There was an excellent balance.  There were some unexpected plot twists that literally caused my jaw to drop(that I don’t want to give away). I also really enjoyed that Mann showed that not all relationships last, even in romance novels. It gave the story that much more realistic and enjoyable. I was hoping for the dog competition to be in Holly’s POV, but I do understand why it wasn’t. I just enjoyed Holly’s point of view, you saw the hurt, but also the hope that she had. Her matchmaking skills weren’t bad either.

Rescue Me is about rescuing yourself from your past,  rescuing yourself from your circumstances and rescuing those you love.

Please check out this fantastic book from this fantastic lady!


RESCUE ME by Catherine Mann – Chapter One Excerpt

Detective AJ Parker started kicking down doors at five years old in hopes of becoming like his idol, Chuck Norris. The first attempt had landed AJ in the emergency room with a broken leg.

Thirty years later, though, he’d perfected the skill. But then he’d gotten a lot of practice as an Atlanta detective. Too much practice. The very reason he’d relocated to the sleepy town of Cooksburg, Tennessee, for a more low-key life. Still a sixth sense honed from too many years undercover in narcotics told him he would have to channel his inner Chuck before high noon this Christmas Eve.

Raiding a home on a holiday wasn’t particularly holly jolly, but there had been a report of neglected animals inside, and dogs left outdoors without shelter, in imminent danger of dying due to the frigid weather. His boots crunched along the caked snow as AJ approached the isolated cabin with caution. Footsteps crackled behind him—his police-department partner, Wyatt, his cousin who’d gotten him this job.

Oaks and pines circled the clearing, creating a wall of privacy with only one icy path to the cabin. Which also meant there was one lone escape route, and so far no signs of animals or people coming in or out.

A brisk wind cut through his thick coat and bulletproof vest, chilling him all the way to his Southern roots. He and Wyatt accompanied an animal rescue team that had been instructed to stay safe and warm in their van for now, the engine purring softly.

Sunshine glimmered off the icicles spiking from the railing as if nature had decorated for the holidays even if the occupants of this ramshackle place ignored the season. Not so much as a wreath or tinsel in sight. Even the windows were blacked out with thick curtains, making the porch less than inviting.

Not to mention dangerous, depending on who lurked behind those darkened windows.

AJ breathed steady white bursts of air into the December afternoon. But inside AJ’s gut, his instincts were on fire.

Adrenaline burned his veins as he scanned the deserted front yard except for an old gray truck with a camper top. There wasn’t snow on the hood, so the vehicle had been driven recently. The place was silent other than the grunt of a distant deer, and a crisp wind whistling through the trees, boughs burdened with snow.

His cop senses burned hotter with each step closer to the cabin. Complicating matters, he had that contingent of animal rescuers behind him in the van. He held up a hand reminding them to stay back.

Then he saw it.

A thick chain, almost covered with snow, glinted through the powdery white like twisted garland spilling out of an overturned trash can. A brown mass of fur was curled up in the back. A large dog that didn’t growl, bark—or even move.

Shit. They might already be too late.

He heard a car door open and caught the movement out of the corner of his eyes a second before one of the rescuers shot past. He didn’t have to guess who it had been.

Mary Hannah Gallo.

A fearless dynamo in a paisley parka.

And a giant pain in his butt.

His first night in Cooksburg, they’d had an impulsive one-night stand of crazy-good sex—his first since his life had gone to hell in a handbasket. The connection had sizzled so damn hot he’d been stunned stupid when he woke up the next morning and found she’d left the motel room already.

Worse yet, she’d given him a fake name. Francesca Vale. Not even a good made-up name. And he fell for that shit in spite of more than a decade collaring criminals.

He hadn’t discovered her real name until his cousin tried to set him up on a blind date. AJ’s only consolation? Miss Fakey-Pants Francesca Vale had been every bit as shocked to see him as he was to meet her for real as Mary Hannah Gallo. A buttoned-up mental-health counselor who had a wild-child hidden side. Very hidden. Apparently, she’d assumed he was just traveling through town on his way to Nashville like most people at that truck-stop bar.

That bar.

That motel.

That night.

He willed away the steam-charged memories. He couldn’t afford to think about anything except getting the job done and keeping those with him safe. Especially the Queen of Mistruths making her way to the dog in a trash can.

He understood her urge to charge ahead for the animal’s sake, but damn it, caution saved more lives in the long run. He’d learned that the hard way. And wasn’t that a memory-lane trip that could walk him straight to hell like in some bad teenage horror film?

“Gallo,” he hissed between his teeth. “Get back to the van.”

Without even turning, she waved away his concern and crouched near the toppled trash can, a blanket tucked under her arm. The winter gear hid how freaking petite she was as she crawled closer. And that petite frame hid a will of steel. She hadn’t wanted anyone to know about that night at the bar, and she didn’t want to have anything more to do with him. Fine by him. Except they’d been made the target of matchmakers determined to pair them up, in spite of how many times he and Mary Hannah told them no. No. And hell no.

It wasn’t surprising she’d been sent with him today.

Now she was a great big stubborn distraction a few feet away. She wasn’t budging unless he threw her over his shoulder and forcibly moved her. Which she would know full well he didn’t have time to do.

Or even think about.

At least she would be on the side of the house when he pressed ahead. All the action would be focused at the front door. Left with no choice, he hauled his attention off Mary Hannah’s fine ass in blue jeans and back to assessing the cabin.

Mewling and muffled woofs swelled from inside the cabin. The animals had picked up on his arrival, which meant any people behind those blacked-out windows would know soon as well. If they didn’t already. He climbed the slick steps with sure feet, no hesitation.

He thumped the door with his gloved fist, launching a fresh blast of barks. “This is the police. We have a warrant to search the premises.”

He pounded again. Only more woofs responded. “Police,” he said. “Open up now, or we’ll be forced to enter.”

Still, no one answered.

He glanced at the rusted pickup with no snow on the hood. Screw waiting. “This is your last warning to comply. We have a warrant.”

Notice given. He kicked the door. It held. Shit.

Snow showered down from the frame. The hefty bolts sent his instincts on a higher alert. This crappy cabin had a stronger door than he would have expected, a lot sturdier than even those at his rental cabin with top-notch security.

Bracing his feet on the icy porch was an iffy thing, but the element of surprise was gone now. He had to act fast. He booted the door again. The force jarred his teeth. But the door gave a little. He felt it.

He slammed his shoulder against the panel to finish the job. Wood cracked and splintered. A plank fell inward.


His relief was short-lived.

The smell hit him hard. One whiff was all it took for total recognition after all the drug cases he’d worked in Atlanta. Snaking free, the unmistakable stench of meth stung his lungs. Not just a single pipe burning, but the thick stink of a full cooking operation.

This was supposed to be a sleepy little town. Most often cops dealt with the standard teenage vandalism and an occasional bar fight. That’s why he’d chosen to move here. He’d intended to leave this kind of high-level crime nightmare behind.

He shouted over his shoulder to warn his partner, “Smells like a meth house. Call for backup, then secure the rear.” He thought of Mary Hannah on the side of cabin with the trash-can dog. “Civilians, return to your vehicle. Gallo, do you hear me? That means you. Clear out. Now.”

His fingers closed around the grip of his 9mm Glock. With his other hand, he tugged his shirt collar up over his nose as a makeshift filter. He kicked the door the rest of the way open. It slammed against the inside wall. He prepared himself for whatever animals he might meet. At least his winter clothing added some padding.

Except nothing charged at him—human or canine. He was greeted with woofs from inside kennels. Four large and filthy crates lined the living room. Two were full of poodle puppies and two held nursing mama schnauzers. There wasn’t a person in sight.

Had someone already escaped out another door? Did Wyatt have that entrance covered? God, he hoped Mary Hannah had taken her paisley, perky self back to the van.

AJ edged past the saggy sofa. An old-school console television was turned on, the volume lowly chiming game-show reruns. Not even a Christmas parade.

His heart slugged in his ears as he swept the two-bedroom cabin, sparsely furnished. Definitely not enough here to call the place a home. A framed yarn-art owl was faded with age. A wagon-wheel lamp cast a yellow glow through a dingy shade. He’d seen plenty of places just like this, even lived in them during undercover assignments.

Wood floors squeaked beneath his feet, his steps muffled by a rag rug. The one bathroom was empty other than a nasty toothbrush caked with spit. A poodle slept in the tub, curled up and snoring. The black ball of fur peeked through half-open eyes then drifted off again, uninterested in the strangers in her home.

Very un-doglike. Probably groggy from the fumes. Poor little gal. The rescuers outside would have their hands full.

Soft footsteps from the kitchen had AJ spinning back to the main area. Someone escaping? His eyes narrowed and he closed the bathroom door to make sure the poodle didn’t suddenly sprint out to trip him up.

Whoever was leaving, Wyatt would be ready for them. AJ stepped deeper into the toxic haze toward the kitchen, ready to have his partner’s back. AJ reached the linoleum floor in a 1970s-era orange kitchen just as the rear door creaked.

A shriek split the air. A female scream.

AJ’s muscles bunched.

“Ma’am,” his cousin Wyatt’s voice rumbled through, cutting the shout short. “Put down the baseball bat and place your hands on top of your head. Now!”

“Okay, okay, okay,” the woman’s voice answered, raspy like a chain smoker. “I surrender. I was just here to pick up some puppies. I wasn’t doing nothing wrong.”

The click of handcuffs snapped. One problem down, and so far no one else in sight. Still, his muscles stayed tensed, ready.

AJ scanned the dirty kitchen full of a grocery list he knew by heart—everything needed to cook crystal meth. Ephedrine, butane, brake fluid, drain cleaner and more lined the counters along with other ingredients. Dishes were stacked in the sink with food caked on them from meals eaten here in spite of the dangerous fumes.

His mind churned with memories of another bust, another time, of finding a child hiding beneath a bed with a sippy cup full of drain cleaner.

Bile roiled in his gut.

He stuffed down the image before the past sucked him under. He needed to focus on the present. To give one hundred percent to a job that should have been nothing more complicated than doling out speeding tickets and catching underage drinkers.

“Wyatt,” he called, “appears all clear inside. Dogs are contained in crates.” His nose twitched under the shield of his collar. “Since it’s a meth house, we’ll need masks and latex gloves.”

“Shiiiiit,” his cousin whistled, then let out an “ooof.”

“You okay?” AJ started toward the back door.

“Just securing the lady in the cruiser. You deal with the inside. I’ve got this.” Wyatt’s voice grew fainter as he walked farther away. “Don’t even try it again with the knee, ma’am.”

AJ forced his hand to relax on the grip of his weapon and turned back toward the living room. Now they just had to deal with the animals. Tragic, yes, but not as dangerous as a bunch of meth dealers. Mary Hannah and her friends at the local Second Chance Ranch Rescue could step in now and do their thing.

A mewling drifted from the far bedroom—half human–, half animal–sounding, stopping him in his tracks. His grip tightened on his weapon again. His thoughts firmly planted on that other bust, the child under the bed in agony from a sip of drain cleaner.

AJ followed the noise into the smaller of the two bedrooms. One step at a time, he inched closer to a rocking chair with a ratty afghan draped over the seat, preventing him from getting a clear view. Crouching, he lifted the trailing corner, slowly. A low growl gave him only an instant’s warning that the mewling cry hadn’t been human.

And that his first search hadn’t uncovered all the animals.

A big brown dog shot out, toppling the rocker onto AJ. The beast darted past until the tether bolted to the floor went taut quivering with tension. The dog—a boxer—cowered only inches from the door.

Blocking the exit.

Crap. There was no way out except past the growling canine. His winter police-issue jacket wouldn’t last long if that animal decided to take a serious bite out of him. The dog snarled louder, teeth bared as it flattened to the floor, pulling at the restraint that wouldn’t survive another serious lunge.

Even a regular Joe with no animal rescue experience could tell the boxer was clearly freaked out and terrified, ears back, eyes wide, drool dripping from its mouth. He’d learned on past assignments that a scared dog could be every bit as dangerous as an aggressive one.

Much like people.

He wasn’t the type to cry uncle, but animal rescue folks used tools for this job for a good reason.

“Um, hello,” he called lowly. “Can someone bring a catchpole before Cujo in here turns me into a Milk Bone?”

Hopefully someone outside heard him. The team of four consisted of two employees from county Animal Control and two from the Second Chance Ranch Rescue.

“Shhh, shhh, shhh.” He made what he hoped were soothing noises. “I’m not here to hurt you, puppy. Be good and there are people here who will get you a bed and food. I’ll personally make sure you get a grade-A hamburger if you keep your teeth to yourself.”

One in four chances Mary Hannah would show up. She was thin, short and not particularly intimidating. He envisioned her comforting the little poodles, not wrestling with this muscular creature.

Except the odds were not in his favor today.

Mary Hannah appeared in the open doorframe, a catchpole held in a fierce grip. Her sleek dark hair slipped free from a low ponytail to brush the shoulders of her parka. Her wide brown eyes saw everything.

But through pretty rose-colored glasses with heavy black frames.

The woman was a whirlwind of naïve perfection who seemed to think the world could be changed with sweet words and a soft touch. She might take a brief walk on the wild side now and again, but she hadn’t come close to seeing what he had. He’d witnessed firsthand that some evil just went to the core. There was no talking it down with a warm fuzzy hug.

He wasn’t judging. She just hadn’t seen what he had. She would get there someday if she kept assisting in these kinds of “rescues.”


But right now she was all that stood between him and a wild-eyed animal high on meth fumes.


Smelling the meth made Mary Hannah’s mouth water, made her nose burn.

And made her senses sing like sirens luring her back into the bottomless pit of addiction.

Mary Hannah Gallo had made a lifetime’s worth of mistakes by twenty-four. She’d spent the next four years making sure she never screwed up again. Too bad Detective AJ Parker was a sexy, hot temptation begging her to break every one of her rules for a calm, structured future.

One night. Just one weak night of mourning in a bar, thinking she could have a no-strings fling to ease some of the pain, grief, hunger, and now she was stuck bumping into temptation every time she turned around in this closet-sized town.

Release Day Spotlight: Captured by a Laird by Margaret Mallory

Captured by a Laird

Captured by A Laird

Release Day Spotlight!


TITLE –  Captured by a Laird

SERIES – The Douglas Legacy #1

AUTHOR –  Margaret Mallory

GENRE –  Historical Romance/ Highland Romance

PUBLICATION DATE – September 15, 2014

LENTH (Pages/# Words) – 319






The Douglas sisters, beauties all, are valuable pawns in their family’s bitter struggle to control the Scottish Crown. But when powerful enemies threaten, each Douglas lass will find she must face them alone.


Haunted by his father’s violent death, David Hume, the new laird of Wedderburn, sets out to make his name so feared that no one will dare harm his family again. The treacherous ally who played on his father’s weakness is dead and beyond David’s vengeance, but his castle and young widow are ripe for the taking. The moment David lays eyes on the dark-haired beauty defending her wee daughters, however, he knows this frail-looking lass is the one person who could bring him to his knees.

Wed at thirteen to a man who tried daily to break her spirit, Lady Alison Douglas is looking forward to a long widowhood. But when the fearsome warrior known as the Beast of Wedderburn storms her gates, she finds herself, once again, forced to wed a stranger. Alison is only a pawn to serve his vengeance, so why does this dark warrior arouse such fiery passion and an unwelcome longing in her heart?

With death and danger looming, these two wounded souls must learn to trust each other . . . for only love can save them.


EXCERPT from CAPTURED BY A LAIRD © by Margaret Mallory 2014

David strode through the battle raging between his men and the castle defenders in the courtyard and headed straight for the keep, intent on his goal.

The castle would fall quickly. The defenders lacked leadership and were in disarray. His only concern was whether the castle had a secret tunnel for escape. During the siege, he had spread his men out through the fields surrounding the fortress to keep watch. But he had concentrated his forces for the attack and most were now inside the castle. If there was a tunnel, he must secure the widow and her daughters before they had a chance to escape. He did not relish the idea of having to chase them down through the fields with dogs.

The defenders had foolishly waited too long to withdraw to the keep, and most were caught in the courtyard when David’s men burst through the gate. He barely spared them a glance as he ran up the steps of the keep.

With several of his warriors at his back, he burst through the doors brandishing his sword. He paused inside the entrance to hall. Women and children were screaming, and the few Blackadder warriors who had made it inside were overturning tables in a useless attempt to set up a defense.

“If ye hope for mercy, drop your weapons,” David shouted, making his voice heard above the chaos.

He locked gazes with the men who hesitated to obey his order until every weapon clanked to the floor, then he swept his gaze over the women. Their clothing confirmed what he’d known the moment he entered the hall. Blackadder’s widow was not in the room.

“Where is she?” he demanded of the closest Blackadder man.

“Who, m’lord?” the man said, shifting his gaze to the side.

“Your mistress!” David picked him up by the front of his tunic and leaned in close. “Tell me now.”

“In her bedchamber,” the man squeaked, pointing to an arched doorway. “’Tis up the stairs.”

David caught a sudden whiff of urine and dropped the man to the floor in disgust. The wretch had wet himself.

“Take him to the dungeon,” he ordered. The coward had given up his mistress far too easily.

David started up the wheeled stairs to the upper floors with his sword at the ready. He expected to encounter Blackadder warriors, protecting the lady of the castle. But there were none on the stairs and none guarding the door on the first floor.

Damn it. She must have escaped. He gritted his teeth as he envisioned the lady’s guards leading her through the tunnel.

He was about to open the chamber door to make sure it was empty when Brian, one of his best men, came down the stairs.

“Laird, I checked all the chambers while ye were in the hall,” he said.

David’s jaw ached from clenching it.

“There’s one door on the floor just above us that wouldn’t open with the latch,” Brian said. “Shall I break it down?”

David waved him aside and pulled the ax from his belt as he raced up the stairs.

“Open it!” he shouted and pounded on the door.

He did not wait. She could be escaping through a secret door this very moment. Three hard whacks with his ax, and the door split. He kicked it until it swung open, then stepped through.

At his first sight of the woman, his feet became fixed to the floor. He felt strange, and his vision was distorted, as if as if he had swallowed a magical potion that narrowed his sight. He could see nothing in the room but her.

She was extraordinarily lovely, with violet eyes, pale skin, and shining black hair. But there was something about her, something beyond her beauty, that held him captive. She was young, much younger than he expected, and her features and form were delicate, in marked contrast to the violent emotion in her eyes.

David knew to the depths of his soul that a brute like him should not be the man to claim this fragile flower, even while the word mine beat in his head like a drum. He had no notion of how long he stood staring at her before he became aware that she held a sword. It was longer still before he noticed the two wee lasses peeking out from behind her like frightened kittens.

Anger boiled up in his chest. Every Blackadder man in the castle who could still draw breath should have been here, standing between him and their lady. Instead, she faced him alone with a sword she could barely lift with both hands.

It was a brave, but ridiculous gesture.

There was no defense against him.


MARGARET MALLORY surprised her friends & family by abandoning her legal career to write tales of romance & adventure. At long last, she can satisfy her passion for justice by punishing the bad & rewarding the worthy–in the pages of her novels.

Margaret lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband, goofy dog & crabby cat. With her two children off to college, Margaret spends most of her time working on her next Scottish historical romance. Visit her website for Book Group Discussion Questions, photos of Scotland, excerpts, & other info. Margaret loves to hear from readers!









Celebrate the Captured by A Laird Release Party tonight, September 15 7-10PM EST on Facebook


…Slow Hand by Bonnie Edwards



*Fair warning, this review is going to be pretty graphic, considering the book is, so if you think that might bother you I wouldn’t read any further.

Hot? No. Steamy? No. Sweltering and intense? Yes!  SLOW HAND is definitely that! I’m surprised the windows in my apartment weren’t fogging up as I was reading this.

When Teri is jilted at the altar she decides to take her private honeymoon cruise alone…until she meets Captain Jared!

I like that this wasn’t just a short story about having sex with a total stranger, there was emotion(and immediate) sparks from the very beginning.  Both characters were pretty well fleshed out, and you were able to learn their personalities not only with the dialogue but with Edwards great descriptions. Her attention to detail made me feel like I was on the boat with them.

I think every woman can identify with Teri(the name threw me off for the first few pages but then I realized that not everyone is named Isabelle or an exotic name and it grew on me because it showed she really was like the rest of us and it made it even easier to identify with). She tried to be someone she wasn’t to please someone she thought she loved, without truly making herself happy. Some may see her jump from Phillip to Jared quick, but when you meet “the one” you just know, and that’s what happened with Jared.  The way that she teased Jared on the deck with the lotion…and before that when she was in the cabin and took care of things on her own and was thinking of him while doing it. Whether women admit it or not, they’ve fantasized about a guy(fictional or real) while taking care of “business” at least once,

I really like Jared. Rough and weather-worn but emotional at the same time.  The literal sparks he felt the first time he touched Teri and his reaction to it actually made me laugh out loud. He was all, ” I don’t want any part of that!” and it was behind his control, which is usually how it goes in the game of love. He was strong and loving and considerate.

I would have loved to had kept reading about this couple, in a full length novel, but for the limited space available Edwards did very well. I grew attached to this couple and prayed for a happy ending.

Happy Reading!


Publish Date: March 25, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance


Format: Ebook

*Slow Hand first appeared in the print edition of Pure Sex in Kensington Books’ Aphrodisia imprint. This version has been revised, updated, and is a little longer than the original.*

Book Blurb:

The second story in The Brantons! (a short series)

A jilted bride…a sexy sea captain…love at first touch

Stressed out Teri Branton is determined to get the honeymoon cruise she paid for — even without the groom.

Laidback Captain Jared MacKay instantly dislikes Teri’s 6 inch heels and New York attitude.

Neither is prepared for their electrifying first touch.

In this erotically-charged novella, they have one short week under the sultry Caribbean sun. Can Jared’s slow hand lead them beyond torrid sex into a lifetime of love?

Buy Slow Hand at: Amazon

Slow Hand is a companion book to Body Work (Goodreads, Amazon)

About the Author:

Bonnie Edwards, a Toronto native, lives with her husband and pets on the rainy coast of British Columbia. Hiking the nearby woods inspires her earthy, often irreverent love stories. Occasionally she offers writing classes on line, please check her website for upcoming sessions. She has written novels, novellas and short stories for Carina Press, Harlequin, Kensington Booksand Robinson (UK).

Writing has become one of those “be careful what you wish for” curses because once the challenge of characters, pacing, plot points, and emotional engagement rose before her, she couldn’t quit. It’s the challenge that compels her to write every day.

Sometimes her stories have a paranormal twist, likes curses and ghosts, other times not. But they’re always entertaining and guarantee a happy ending.

Author Links:













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Cover Reveal!

HardToComeBy cvr


Caught between desire and loyalty…

Derek DiMarzio would do anything for the members of his disgraced Special Forces team—sacrifice his body, help a former teammate with a covert operation to restore their honor, and even go behind enemy lines. He just never expected to want the beautiful woman he found there.

When a sexy stranger asks questions about her brother, Emilie Garza is torn between loyalty to the brother she once idolized and fear of the war-changed man he’s become. Derek’s easy smile and quiet strength tempt Emilie to open up, igniting the desire between them and leading Derek to crave a woman he shouldn’t trust.

As the team’s investigation reveals how powerful their enemies are, Derek and Emilie must prove where their loyalties lie before hearts are broken and lives are lost. Because love is too hard to come by to let slip away…

Pre-Order at Amazon | | Amazon UK | B&N | iTunes

Hard to Come By on Goodreads

And don’t miss the other Hard Ink books, now available:

Hard As It Gets

Hard As You Can

Hard to Hold On To (8/19/14)


Praise for the Hard Ink Series:

For Hard As You Can:

“TOP PICK! There is a sinister and desperate edge to this tale that will keep readers glued to their seats. Kaye has dark romantic suspense nailed!” ~ RT Book Reviews Magazine

“Hard As You Can is another five star read. The characters Ms. Kaye has created are wonderfully broken and the drama is gritty, but the burgeoning romance and the tight-knitted relationship of the team leaves you with a sense of redemption. A must read series!” ~San Francisco Book Review

For Hard As It Gets:

“Edgy, sexy and full of suspense!  A great read from a great new author!” ~ #1 NYT Bestselling Author J.R. Ward

“Sizzling romance… The intriguing tattoo parlor and military background will appeal to fans of Suzanne Brockmann and Lindsay McKenna.” ~Publishers Weekly Review

“Kaye’s depiction of sexual tension and her sex scenes are masterful and this will appeal to fans of Maya Banks’ KGI and Julia Ann Walker’s Black Knight’s series.” ~Booklist



Laura Kaye

Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over a dozen books in contemporary and paranormal romance. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter SignUp

Hard to Hold On To on Goodreads

Hard to Come By on Goodreads


Ink Slinger

Camp Payback by J.K. Rock


Alex has big plans for camp this year, starting with making it the best summer ever. Having fun and breaking some rules will get her the payback she wants against her parents and her ex-boyfriend. Because of his disgusting texts, she’s headed to a super strict all-girls school in the fall.  Then she meets Javier and revenge doesn’t seem nearly as important as getting to know the troubled loner determined to keep a low profile at camp. But Alex’s trouble-magnet personality and Javier’s need to stay in the background don’t mix nearly as well as their irresistible chemistry. With her home life eroding under her feet and her last year of summer camp speeding to a close, Alex wants to make her mark on the world and squeeze every bit of fun out of her time with Javier. Too bad her old plans for revenge turn back on her just in time to ruin everything. Will she lose Javier too?

When I read Camp Boyfriend I didn’t really know Alex so I didn’t identify with her much, but within the first chapter of Camp Payback I was in tears for her.  I, personally, was never the popular kid, I was always “troublemaker” because I never felt heard and had a tendency to act, or speak, before thinking. Sounds like our heroine, right? I think this book will  speak to all of those girls(and possibly guys) who are looked over and deemed as “difficult” because they don’t fit the cookie cutter mold because of how they act, or look, or think. Javier didn’t fit the mold because of his anger(which was really frustration in disguise) and Alex didn’t fit her father’s expectations. I was cringing right along with them.

Alex’s new found relationship with her mother was great. We would see where Alex got her strength from, and we were able to see that her mom wasn’t just a “Yes, dear.” kind of wife. The things she did for Javier and Alex were amazing.

Again, in the wonderful sequel, Rock channeled the world of the teenager, but in a sophisticated way.  It wasn’t a book filled with “Like” and “Uh”. These characters were learning who they were as people and individuals while dealing with all the hormones! I wonder how we all survived adolescence! Each characters’ situation was unique and was genuine to what teens face these days. It may not be as intense as being embarrassed on national television or steroid use but it touched on situations that young people do face.

I love the conversation between Yasmine and Alex while they are sitting in the sand. Alex realizing, with Yasmine’s help, that going full force all the time may not be the best course. Teenagers just want to be heard and express their opinions and individuality, which is pretty important Alex considering her family life outside of camp, so without meaning to they can come off as pushy and impulsive, when in reality it’s just excitement. This relationship showed that even though we might always like what people have to say it is usually a good thing to have a person in our lives who won’t sugar coat things and who will kick us in the pants and allow us to think outside of the box, and that was Yasmine for Alex. At first Alex believed Yasmine was snobbish and just like her parents, but that wasn’t the case, Yasmine was trying to help, even if her approach was a bit harsh.

I had a lot of favorite parts in this book, but I really did like the end. And without giving too much away, because it’s so sweet, it really gave you a sense that they could make it and we could read about Javier and Alex as an adult couple in a future book. You could see the innocence and the hope, but you could see the love and chemistry between them. Incorporating a movie set and a version of a famous musical was a great twist as well.

The plot was solid and the characters were charming. Camp Payback definitely kept in time  to be consistent with the rest of the series. It’s a labor of love for these two ladies and it shows.

This book was a pleasure to read. It was smart, funny, sassy,  sincere, and truthful.  I can’t wait for the next one!

You can check out other J.K. Rock releases at

Happy Reading,




The Winter Stone

the winter stone

The Winter Stone

One Legend, Three Enchanting Novellas

by Tanya Anne Crosby, Glynnis Campbell, Laurin Wittig


Publish Date: April 21, 2014

Published by: Oliver-Heber Books

Genres: Historical Romance, Historical Fantasy Romance, Highlander Romance, Romance

Book Length: 360 pages
Book Blurb:

One legend, Three Enchanting Novellas

Once upon a time, in a place time forgot, the last Pict King in Scotland was slain, betrayed by one he loved. Even the Mother of Winter mourned his ignoble death, weeping icy tears that shattered as they fell to Earth. But one did not. This tear of stone she offered to the Guardians of the Old Ways, so that by its light all truths might be known. These are the romantic tales of the Winter Stone…

In My Laird, My Love by Tanya Anne Crosby, a long-lost guardian reaches across time to restore the faith and win the heart of a powerful chieftain.

In Circle of Hearts by Laurin Wittig, a lovely fey maiden doubts the power of her gifts until the love of a fierce Highlander renews her sense of self-worth.

In The Reclaiming by Glynnis Campbell, a broken Scots warrior is healed by a lass who wields the most magical power of all—love.

One legend, three enchanting novellas from three beloved authors.
Book Links:



Author Links:

Laurin Wittig: Website | Goodreads

Tanya Anne Crosby: Website | Goodreads

Glynnis Campbell: Website | Goodreads

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…My Secret Fantasies by Joanne Rock

download (3)

Don’t we all wish we would be like Miranda and end up on a hot guy’s horse ranch? I loved how Miranda’s writing on her own novel was therapeutic for her. For Miranda her novel was a diary of sorts. And who hasn’t written about their crush in one way or another? Rock didn’t just slap that info in there, she built up to it so it made sense. It built Miranda as a character.  That is one of the things I love about Rock’s books, the heroine’s are strong but imperfect, in a good way, and their lives have affected who they are during the story,and before we meet them. They aren’t just characters on a page, they are women that we can all relate to. The fact that Rock took the popularity of reality television and how it has shaped our culture and how we look at things, making regular people celebrities, was new and fresh and different. Miranda wasn’t looking to be famous she was looking for an escape from her family and insecurities which only made things worse.

Damien was fantastic in his own right, too. I loved how he was trying to make a name for himself and distance himself from his infamous family. He was strong,(really) stubborn, and humorous. I also loved how he was completely knocked for a loop by meeting Miranda. Those kind of stories where the hero is completely blindsided by love are the best! He knew wanted her but he was not expecting love.

My favorite thing about the book was that it was written in first person POV(point of view). It allowed me to really get inside of Miranda’s head and really be there, not just read about two people from a distance, but really immerse myself in the story, to be Miranda. My favorite line is, “I’m writing about what I want–sexually.  And after we met I realized that it was you.” I wrote “Go Gutsy Girl” in pencil underneath it because it was such a great line!

My only issue was there was huge build up(and emotional issues for Miranda) regarding her ex and when he entered the scene(I’m being vague about the specifics because I don’t want to give anything away) it all happened really quick. The build up didn’t quite go with the resolution. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, it was believable, but I would have just preferred the resolution to be longer. And the “villian” really wasn’t a nice guy so for him to get what was coming to him was satisfying.

The love scenes were amazing…and hot! But it is a Joanne Rock book, so of course, they’re hot. These two connected immediately and their chemistry sizzled between the sheets…and in the hot tub. (And who doesn’t love a good hot tub scene?)

I will definitely recommend this book to…well…everyone!

And stay tuned for the review of  Damien’s brother’s story in My Double Life. 

*And the book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. Thanks, Joanne! And a big thanks to Lola with Lola Blog Tours as well!


My Secret Fantasies

By Joanne Rock

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age category: Adult

Release Date: December 17, 2013


Joanne Rock’s MY SECRET FANTASIES is her second “Forbidden Fantasies” release for Harlequin’s Blaze miniseries. MY DOUBLE LIFE (Harlequin Blaze 5/13), her first, is a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award nominee. Both books are told from a first-person heroine perspective, while the hero’s point of view remains in the more traditional third person. We fall in love with the hero right along with the heroine!  The heroes of the two books are brothers, but the stories read well as stand-alones.

Fantasy come to life…

All I wanted was to escape the media frenzy I left behind in L.A. and open a cute little shop on the Sonoma Coast. Simple, right? But Damien Fraser—the hunky property owner—isn’t exactly thrilled about my reality-TV-star status. Still, I’m pretty sure that all he needs is a little creative convincing…and I’ve learned I can be very creative.

I started writing a naughty novel, and with every sexy scene I write, things between me and Damien get really hot. Now the hero in my book is starting to look more and more like Damien, and I’m well on my way to becoming my brazen sexpot heroine. But when my real life and my fictional life collide, my fantasies just might cost me all of my dreams….


You can find My Secret Fantasies on Goodreads:

You can buy My Secret Fantasies here:

– Amazon:

– Barnes & Noble:

– Kobo:




….So when the door of the oversized pickup opened with a squeak, I looked.

            And saw the hottest guy ever emerge.

            Now, maybe it was the heat that seemed to spotlight this hunky slab of muscle and manhood as he stood beside the open door of the truck. He glistened with sweat despite a temperature that probably only reached the mid sixties. He took the tail of a well-worn t-shirt and used it to mop his forehead.

            In that moment, his abs were exposed to my dazed, spellbound eye. He was pin-up sexy. Lean and taut, he looked like he’d pulled about two million inverted push-ups to achieve so much delicious definition in that six-pack. Better yet, he was tanned bronze and I felt like I’d been given a VIP pass to the hottest show on earth.

            What a gift in an otherwise hellacious day. My heroine Shaelynn couldn’t have done any better.

            “Are you Miranda Cortland?”

            I shook my head to clear it of fantasies that grew more explicit by the minute. The demi-god across the road did not just talk to me.

            I realized I’d stopped to stare and felt just the slightest twinge of embarrassment to be caught in the act.

            Giving him a lopsided smile, I told myself to get moving. Then realized he’d somehow known my name.

            “Excuse me?” I had to shout since two cars barreled by in either direction.

            “Are you Miranda?” he asked, his deep voice carrying easily over the distance. He slammed his door shut and jogged closer.

            To me.

            I blinked. Confused. Dry-mouthed.

            Because now that I saw the guy’s face, he was a whole lot more than just hot abs. Streaked with sweat and a light coating of dust, he looked like a local laborer in his t-shirt and jeans. Although- knowing good clothes when I saw them from years of shopping vintage- I realized he wore very good clothes. Those boots and jeans were both out of my price range.

            “Lady, are you okay?” He was now just a few feet away.

            Hazel eyes narrowed in concern, he stood a good six inches taller than me. His dark hair was close cropped and matched the dark stubble sprinkled along his jaw. Wicked cheekbones made him look a bit Native American. A prominent blade of a nose and full lips only added to his appeal.

            I remembered the words I’d written to describe the hero of my book. An arresting face. Strong. Handsome.

            “I’m fine,” I said with a bit too much enthusiasm. What I meant to say, actually, is “you’re fine.” But he stared at me like I might have mental health issues, so I struggled to pull myself out of the sexy-man-induced delirium. He looked like the hero I’d dreamed up before I even laid eyes on this guy. “That is, I broke down a few miles back, but I don’t think I’m far from my destination.”

            Belatedly, I realized I should have asked to borrow his cell phone. Or truck. Or his body. Then again, maybe I’d been spending too much time daydreaming up plot points for my sexy secret novel…


About the Author:

joanne rock (1)

Joanne Rock fell in love with reading at a young age and stayed out of trouble- mostly- as a teen thanks to long stints at her local library where she routinely checked out as many books as a bicycle basket would carry. She still pronounces all the names of the Greek gods incorrectly because she learned them through reading- a small price to pay for the vast amount of knowledge she gained from books! She started writing when the voices in her head kept her awake at night, demanding she tell their stories. A successful romance author and former Golden Heart winner, she’s penned dozens of books for a variety of Harlequin series and has been nominated for the prestigious RITA award three times. Her work is reprinted around the globe and has been translated into twenty different languages. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s cheering on her three sons in sporting endeavors of every variety.


You can find and contact Joanne here:

– Website:

– Facebook:

– Twitter:

– Goodreads:

– Pinterest:

– Tumblr:

– Amazon author page:


I’m doing something a little different today and revealing the cover of Laura Kaye’s August novella, Hard to Hold On To! This cover is HOT and I am so glad I get the opportunity to share it with you guys. So, without any further ado…




Isn’t it great? Yeah, I thought so, too. 🙂 And if you scroll a little farther down you’ll get to read the blurb and get to know the author, Laura Kaye!



Edward “Easy” Cantrell knows better than most the pain of not being able to save those he loves–which is why he is not going to let Jenna Dean out of his sight.  He may have just met her, but Jenna’s the first person to make him feel alive since that devastating day in the desert more than a year ago.

Jenna has never met anyone like Easy. She can’t describe how he makes her feel–and not just because he saved her life. No, the stirrings inside her reach far beyond gratitude.

As the pair are thrust together while chaos reigns around them, they both know one thing: the things in life most worth having are the hardest to hold on to.


A little about Laura:

Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over a dozen books in contemporary and paranormal romance. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.


And here’s a little bit of praise for the Hard Ink series…

For Hard As You Can:

“TOP PICK! There is a sinister and desperate edge to this tale that will keep readers glued to their seats. Kaye has dark romantic suspense nailed!” ~ RT Book Reviews Magazine

“Hard As You Can is another five star read. The characters Ms. Kaye has created are wonderfully broken and the drama is gritty, but the burgeoning romance and the tight-knitted relationship of the team leaves you with a sense of redemption. A must read series!” ~San Francisco Book Review

For Hard As It Gets:

“Edgy, sexy and full of suspense!  A great read from a great new author!” ~ #1 NYT Bestselling Author J.R. Ward

“Sizzling romance… The intriguing tattoo parlor and military background will appeal to fans of Suzanne Brockmann and Lindsay McKenna.” ~Publishers Weekly Review

“Kaye’s depiction of sexual tension and her sex scenes are masterful and this will appeal to fans of Maya Banks’ KGI and Julia Ann Walker’s Black Knight’s series.” ~Booklist

Pre-Order Links:

Amazon | | Amazon UK | B&N | iTunes


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter SignUp

Hard to Hold On To on Goodreads


And thanks to Kelly Simmon and Ink Slinger PR for the opportunity to be a part of this cover reveal! Thanks!



…One Good Cowboy by Catherine Mann

One Good Cowboy banner


OneGoodCowboy (1)


This is my stop during the blog tour for One Good Cowboy (Diamonds in the Rough #1) by Catherine Mann. This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 1 April till 30 April, weekdays only. You can view the complete tour schedule on the website of Lola’s Blog Tours:


One Good Cowboy is the first in the new series by the super talented Catherine Mann.  When Stone and his ex fiance, Johanna, are forced on a mission by his dying grandmother to find homes for her dogs they can’t deny the sparks flying between them, or the heartache that their break-up caused. The chemistry between Stone and Johanna was intense. Not just the instant physical attraction but the history between them, you obviously have a lot of chemistry with someone you were supposed to marry.

All of the characters were really well fleshed out and their relationships were extremely believable. The plot was solid and cohesive and fun and sexy all at the same time. The family vibe was definitely strong in this one. The relationship with Stone and his grandmother was the best. I loved that Stone was a take charge kind of guy but could be brought to his knees by not only his ex but by his grandma. I also loved his weakness for Johanna. He truly loved her. He was complex and strong and yet simple. Johanna was strong in her own right as well. I loved how Stone was her weakness and she truly loved him but she also had a good, firm grasp on her own dreams and what she wanted. Some things, the things that were most important to her, she was not willing to waiver on and I really liked that about her. And Stone’s bombshell secret I never saw coming, which shows you that Mann was doing everything right!

One of favorite things about this story, aside from the incredibly hot love scenes, was visiting old characters from Mann’s previous novels. Readers were able to catch up with characters from the Alpha Brotherhood(another Desire series), and the Landis-Renshaw family, who we first heard of in the Wingman Warrior Series. It was very clever to include characters not just from one series but multiple ones and integrating them into one book. (and getting readers curious about the other series).

Mann also did a fantastic job at integrating jewels and gems into the names and places on the Ranch…and the dogs names, which were the best part in my opinion. The dogs had back stories and histories, too, which made them characters in their own right. They weren’t just there for show, they were part of the story.

I’m really looking forward to Amie and Alex’s stories and revisiting this family. The other two books can’t come fast enough for me!


**I’m writing the post on the anniversary of my own grandmother’s passing so this story holds a special place in my heart today.







Excerpt of One Good Cowboy:


…”What are you doing?”

 “You said you didn’t want to talk.” Sure he knew they weren’t really going to have sex on his desk, but he reveled in the regret in her eyes that she couldn’t hide in spite of her scowl.

 “You’re being outrageous.”


 “Stop. Now,” she said firmly.

 Okay, he’d pushed her far enough for today, but he could see that while their love for each other might have burned out, their passion still had plenty of fire.

 He buttoned his shirt again and tucked in the tails.  “Spoilsport.”

 She brushed papers into a stack. “The pilot’s waiting.”

 “Damn waste of an empty desk,” he said with a smile…


You can find One Good Cowboy on Goodreads:

You can buy One Good Cowboy here:

– Amazon:

– Barnes & Noble:

– Kobo:

– Harlequin:



Do you like books with an animal rescue theme? Keep an eye out for Shelter Me by Catherine Mann, it’s being released on August 5, 2014. It’s a heartwarming novel about a returning soldier, the daughter of his fallen commander, and a very special dog with a mission.

Shelter Me (Second Chance Range #1) 












By Catherine Mann


Age Category:

Release Date: August 5, 2014


Staff Sergeant Mike Kowalski wants only one thing after he gets home from Iraq: to sleep in a king-sized bed with clean sheets. But first, he has to hand off his fallen commander’s dog, Trooper, to his family without handing off his heart to Sierra…

Sierra McDaniel needs a break. Her family life is crazy, and when she’s not mucking out kennels, she’s slogging through grad school. Sierra certainly doesn’t want another dog, especially one that reminds her of her father. And she definitely doesn’t want to see Mike with that charming smile of his…

But Trooper has a mission of his own. Before too long Mike is moving to the ranch to lend a hand—and hoping for his own second chance with Sierra. 


You can find Shelter Me on Goodreads:

You can view the book trailer for Shelter Me here:


About the Author: 

CatherineMannHeadshotB2014 (1)


USA Today bestseller Catherine Mann and RITA Award winner, Catherine writes contemporary romance for Berkley, Harlequin, and Sourcebooks, With over two million books in print in more than twenty countries, she has also celebrated five RITA finals, three Maggie Award of Excellence finals and a Bookseller’s Best win. A former theater school director and university instructor, she holds a Master’s degree in Theater from UNC-Greensboro and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts: Theater (with minors in both English and Education) from the College of Charleston. Catherine and her flyboy husband live on the Florida coast where they brought up their 4 children – and still have 5 four-legged, furry “children” (aka pets). Catherine is an active volunteer with her local Humane Society, serving on their Board of Directors and fostering puppies and special needs dogs (she stopped counting at a hundred). She recently checked off a major item on her “bucket list” by completing the hands-on training for the Florida State Animal Rescue Coalition. Catherine enjoys hearing from her readers and can be found online daily.  To receive an autographed bookmark, send a SASE to: P.O. Box 6065, Navarre, FL 32566


You can find and contact Catherine here:

– Website:

– Facebook:

– Twitter:

– Goodreads:

– Pinterest:

– Blog:

– Newsletter: