Review: A Mother’s Homecoming by Tanya Michaels




For Pamela Jo Wilson, returning to her sleepy Mississippi hometown means coming face–to–face with her past. At seventeen, overwhelmed by the responsibilities of a new marriage and family, she fled Mimosa. But Nick Shepard wasn’t the only one Pam left behind. Now, thirteen years later, she just hopes she can make things right with her ex–husband and the child she barely knows.

Nick’s first instinct is to protect his daughter, but his little girl is hell–bent on meeting the woman who left her behind. With his own feelings for Pam being as powerful and all–consuming as ever, how can Nick know what he’s feeling is real? And how can he trust Pam again? First she has to convince him she’s through running. That she’s come home—this time for good

Michaels tells it like it is in her latest novel. Pamela Jo is flawed but that is what makes her so easy to relate to. Pam isn’t the type of woman who sees the errors of her ways and instantly changes, it’s a struggle for her.   No one is perfect and everyone has done at least one thing they aren’t proud of, in Pam’s case, it’s more than one but she’s trying to redeem herself, and in all honesty, she doesn’t want to be perfect, though she secretly wants forgiveness, she really just wants to accept the past. Pam’s internal dialogue throught the book really shapes who she is. We get to know her. By the end of novel I really liked Pam. She wasn’t just a character on a page but she was a real woman, someone we’ve all been at one point or another. The relationship between Nick and Pam was very realistic as well. They didn’t just instantly pounce on one another after being part for so long. There was pain and raw emotion between them that they had to overcome before giving things another go. They had to grow into one another again, even though there was an intense history between them.  Nick was charasmatic on his own. He was the traditional small town boy who grew into a caring man who loves his family no matter what, even though they can be pains sometimes. He wasn’t a weak man by any means but I did like how he finally stood up for himself and Pam against his family in the end.  His relationship with his daughter, Faith, had me laughing a couple of times and smiling the rest. Pam’s relationship with Faith was awesome to see, too. Pam was skiddish at first, more than willing to crawl under the nearest table  to hide from the daughter she didn’t know, but as the story progressed you see Pam channeling those maternal instincts that she didn’t believe she had.  

There was only one thing I really didn’t like about the book and if I mentioned it I will be giving away some big plot points, so you will just have to read it to find out what I’m referring to.

My favorite thing about this book though is that it was unconventional. It was raw and truthful regarding the issues of alcoholism and addressing the consequences of a person’s actions.  It was refreshing to see an author take a risk instead of being like all the others. Kudos to Michaels on a job well done!

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