Review: One Man Rush by Joanne Rock

Matchmaking Case File #114Requested Match: Kyle Murphy, pro hockey player. (This guy can score.)Challenge: Not looking for anything serious (yet).

Notes: Ridiculously attractive, sexy, irresistible…and I want him for myself!

Matchmaker Marissa Collins is looking for a man. A hot, successful man. But the man she’s considering—hockey player Kyle Murphy—is for a prospective client. Marissa’s matchmaking professionalism goes MIA, though, when she meets Kyle…who’s not coming along quietly.

Kyle isn’t looking for a match. He has his eye on the prize—the Stanley Cup—or at least he did before Marissa dropped into his life. Now he’s playing a new game, one where getting Marissa in bed is the goal. And if he has to play dirty…that’s even better.


A romance novel involving a hunky hockey hero? Really? Yes!

In Joanne Rock’s latest book. Kyle Murphy is the object of affection for a rich socialite and professional matchmaker Marissa Collins is hired to make the love connection, but the second she looks into Kyle’s deep green eyes(who doesn’t love a guy with green eyes?) she knows the only person that she will be setting Kyle up with is herself. Since meeting Kyle Marissa has started to question her job and her motives. She truly loves bringing people together(and the money isn’t bad either, especially since she’s her mother’s caregiver) but she’s searching for more and she didn’t even realize it until Kyle came around.

One thing I really liked about this book was the instant attraction between Marissa and Kyle, and Rock made it so believable, it wasn’t just two people being led by their raging hormones with no love in sight.  There was some emotion, that they explored later, but there was nothing but raw attraction at first. What woman wouldn’t love a guy seeing  them for the first time and not being able to get them out of his mind and wanting them that much?  I know I wouldn’t mind. The chemistry between Kyle and Marissa was fantastic. I also really liked that Kyle saw past Marissa’s retro glasses and style and actually saw her, but he also liked her because of her retro glasses and quirky-ish style. The plot was new and not the plain jane plot but not trying to be too different just to grab attention. The hockey scenes that Rock describes make me think of the scene from Love Story where Jenny is watching Oliver play hockey.

Marissa was a really likable heroine. She wasn’t one of those heroines that we sometimes read that we can’t relate to at all for one reason or another, either she’s picture perfect appearance wise or completely annoying personality wise. Marissa was great because she was confident and self-conscious at the same time. I liked her tradtional, yet a little quirky style, not just fashion wise but personality wise. This is actually one of the ways she and Kyle connected. You rarely see a hero and heroine connect on a values, and if it is mentioned, it’s talked about off stage.

I really liked Kyle also. Sure, he would fly Marissa to games and such but  he is also a down to earth guy who can sling around liquor bottles like Tom Cruise in “Cocktail” for his hockey fans. Kyle is sexy yet sensitive, which is what we all want in a hero isn’t it? His imperfect, crooked nose only added to his appeal. He wasn’t the stereotypical Roman God we read about in most romances. His relationship with his “brother” Axel(whose story comes out next month!) really helped the reader learn who Kyle was. He’s fiercely protective of his family and teammates and when he meets Marissa he immediately feels the same about her.

There was only one thing about the entire story that I really didn’t like,. And it wasn’t even that I didn’t like it, per se, it was that the resolution with Marissa’s mom. I don’t want to give any plot points away but it just seemed a little too quick and conveinient. It was good and made sense, I just wished it hadn’t been so quick.

All in all, I really liked this steamy and sincere read and I will definitely be telling people to check out this book(and the rest of the series).

If you’d like to check out this or Joanne’s other books please visit her site:



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