Review: Her Man Advantage by Joanne Rock

Full-body contact never felt this good…

By rights, they should hate each other. Filmmaker Jennifer Hunter doesn’t want to make a
hockey documentary any more than hockey defenseman Axel Rankin wants to star in
one. But neither of them anticipates the molten rush of pure lust for each
other, and they can’t help but give in, on and off camera…

The last thing Axel needs is a camera shoved in his face, probing into his life and his
rocky past. Especially if the woman calling the shots is a mouthy, assertive,
drop-dead, sexy redhead—who makes him want to do things that definitely require
an adults-only rating! His favorite game just got a whole new set of

What is there to say about Her Man Advantage, the is the second book in the Double Overtime series, by  Joanne Rock? One word? Sexy!  Whether it is Axel with the scar on his cheek or Jennifer with her self confidence as she swishes around in her long Bohemian skirts, being comfortable in her own skin. The chemistry between Jennifer and Axel was very realistic, especially with its rocky start. There was immediate attraction from both of their parts, but Axel’s was masked with frustration at not wanting his past exposed, and Jennifer wanting to be taken seriously as a film maker.

The plot was unconventional and not cookie cutter, which I really liked. I also really enjoyed that Axel was not the perfect hero, sure he was a “glamourous” hockey player but he had a past that he wanted to forget. He didn’t have the ideal childhood and wasn’t a model citizen, not by a long shot, so he was more of a real person and not just a character on a page. Jennifer was just as real. She set out to be a “real” film maker, making movies about serious human issues(if I tell you what those issues are, I give away the plot) but has to get the “fluff” out of the way first, but the fluff ends up changing her life when she meets Axel. Their attraction didn’t start out deep and meaningful, and it wasn’t supposed to, it was supposed to be hot and intense at first, like it sometimes happens in real life. The only issue that I had, that was truly minor, was I think the ending was a bit rushed and too neatly packaged, even though I loved that Jennifer did not just sit back and let things happen, she wanted to help.

Overall, it was a great book, that had a fresh plot with strong characters and hot love scenes that you would expect in a Harlequin Blaze and from Joanne Rock!

Please visit her website at to check her previous and upcoming releases.

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