Reviewing VS.Writing

So I’m going to take a different approach today and swerve off the “reviewing a book” path. As I was cruising around Amazon, looking for books(Christmas gifts from The Charming German, aka, my boyfriend), and I spotted an interview from Gillian Flynn, the author of Gone Girl, and the first question that was asked was, “Do you prefer writing novels or reviewing?”. I immediately began wondering the same thing. I’d never asked myself that before, but it was an interesting question since I am both writer(I don’t consider myself an “author” since I’m not published…yet)and reviewer.

Let me say that I LOVE writing! It’s a fantastic feeling to read what you’ve written and the swell of pride that blooms in your chest when you realize that it isn’t half bad. I still dream of seeing my name on books that on bookshelves.

I kind of fell into reviewing a few years ago when my critique partner, Emily, introduced me to a reviewing site, that is now defunked, I took a break from it(or in all honesty I forgot about reviewing) and just recently got seriously back into it. I really do love it, too. I’m not gonna lie, the best part of reviewing is getting books for free from authors. My list is very short of authors that send me ARC’s(or advanced reader copies), but I do hope to grow it next year. My second favorite part is giving my opinion on said free book. I love telling people about books I’ve read, and if it’s a good book I want others to read it. All of the critical thinking I did in college helps really break apart a book and analyse it. It’s fun trying to understand the motivations of the characters(if they aren’t clear) and of the author.

I don’t know if I love one more than the other, I’m just so excited that I get to do both!

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