…What the Groom Wants by Jade Lee


An Honest love…

Radley Lyncott has been in love with Wendy Drew as long as he can remember. When he went to sea, she was too young to court. Now that he’s returned to take up his Welsh title, he is appalled to find that debt has ruined the Drew family, and—even worse—Wendy is being courted by another man.

Or a dangerous attraction?

Family comes first for seamstress Wendy Drew, who is forced to settle her brother’s debt by working nights at a notorious gambling den. But her double-life hasn’t gone unnoticed—she has captivated none other than Demon Damon, a nefarious rake who understands Wendy’s darkest desires and is hell bent on luring her into his arms.

When Radley Lyncott returned home from sea he had his heart set on one thing: finally being able to court Wendy Drew, the girl he had been in love with since he was a young man. To his surprise she was also being “courted” by Demon Damon, owner of some notorious gambling establishments in the ton. The situation is not what it seems and Radley is determined to protect Wendy from the Demon while trying to adjust to life as a Duke.

What the Groom Wants is unlike any romance novel I have ever read. It was traditional yet unconventional. The boy-loves-girl-and-girl-does-whatever-she-has-to-in-order-to-save-her-family-with-boy-trying-to-save-her-the-hardship was what you would expect from a Regency romance but that’s where it stops being a typical romance. The delicious twists and turns(and love scenes) kept me, as the reader, hooked. When I thought I knew what was going to happen next I was completely blindsided, left with my jaw on the floor. The plot was intriguing and quickly paced. The characters were well fleshed out and likable(well, except for Demon Damon, but you aren’t really supposed to like a villain). Wendy and Radley had fantastic chemistry and were a believable couple. It contains the elements of the Regency world that readers love:the descriptions of the gowns, the furnishings, the dashing men all decked out, but it also contains raw and surprising details and emotions that makes it one of a kind.

I loved Radley’s determination, even if he wasn’t always sure how to handle every situation thrown at him. When he was first introduced I was thinking he was just some wimpy guy(and not the hero) but he proved himself, or rather Lee proved it in her writing ability by making him so real. He wasn’t perfect, but there were so many different aspects to his personality. He wasn’t just one sided. I was glad to see that he didn’t fall into his new role as Duke gracefully(pun intended). He was genuine in his confusion of the rules and what was expected but he made the title his own.Wendy Drew was one of the most stubborn heroines I have ever read, and I mean that as a compliment. She isn’t the typical heroine. Yes, there are heroines in novels all over the place who do things for their families but she was particularly independent and headstrong, almost to a fault, but that’s what I like about her, she isn’t perfect, but human. I love the first full love scene, where Wendy and Radley consummate their relationship in her room. It was almost like an out of body experience, unlike any romance novel love scene I have ever read. Lee describes what was going on without the use of the usual overly descriptive adjectives that go into a typical sex scene. I was in the middle of the scene, feeling all of the things Wendy was feeling and experiencing as she was, but watching it, as a(naughty) spectator at the same time. I’ve never read a love scene like it. I initially thought that Demon Damon was the hero and he was going to have to do some serious redeeming if he was the hero. Turns out, he really was just a nasty guy. I’ve never been so glad to see a character get his comeuppance as I was to see Demon Damon get his. It was not the typical  hero and villain have it out at the climax of the book before the happily ever after. It was a unique and fitting ending to a ghastly man.

All in all I highly recommend What the Groom Wants for those who love Regency romances with a twist of wickedness(and to share it with your romance loving friends)!

Be sure to visit Jade’s website: http://www.jadeleeauthor.com

Happy Reading,



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