The Winter Stone

the winter stone

The Winter Stone

One Legend, Three Enchanting Novellas

by Tanya Anne Crosby, Glynnis Campbell, Laurin Wittig


Publish Date: April 21, 2014

Published by: Oliver-Heber Books

Genres: Historical Romance, Historical Fantasy Romance, Highlander Romance, Romance

Book Length: 360 pages
Book Blurb:

One legend, Three Enchanting Novellas

Once upon a time, in a place time forgot, the last Pict King in Scotland was slain, betrayed by one he loved. Even the Mother of Winter mourned his ignoble death, weeping icy tears that shattered as they fell to Earth. But one did not. This tear of stone she offered to the Guardians of the Old Ways, so that by its light all truths might be known. These are the romantic tales of the Winter Stone…

In My Laird, My Love by Tanya Anne Crosby, a long-lost guardian reaches across time to restore the faith and win the heart of a powerful chieftain.

In Circle of Hearts by Laurin Wittig, a lovely fey maiden doubts the power of her gifts until the love of a fierce Highlander renews her sense of self-worth.

In The Reclaiming by Glynnis Campbell, a broken Scots warrior is healed by a lass who wields the most magical power of all—love.

One legend, three enchanting novellas from three beloved authors.
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Author Links:

Laurin Wittig: Website | Goodreads

Tanya Anne Crosby: Website | Goodreads

Glynnis Campbell: Website | Goodreads

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